1. Farewell db-d

  2. Farewell db-d

  3. Busy on the line

  4. I want a Hawaiian shirt made from this stuff! 

  5. Why does submitting my date of birth have to be so difficult?


  6. Advertising Lies

  7. Had the honour of co-judging the latest batch of projects at Tractor’s digital design program. The students blew me away with some incredible creative and design thinking!


  8. "Many designers fail as well through their fondness for the sophisticated use of images, metaphors, and semantics that win prizes in design competitions but create products that are inaccessible to users."
    — Donald A. Norman on product design

  9. "People don’t start their journey from the index / welcome page anymore. Instead, they dive in via search engines, somewhere deep down the rabbit hole and the only thing that matters as this point is information."
    — Adrian Zumbrunnen on global naviagtion

  10. Design thinking at We Are Social

    During my time at We Are Social, I blanketed my iMac with insightful post-its. They were daily reminders to improve my design thinking as well as document my growth.

    1. Content before design. Design for content.
    2. Is it genuine? Images should appear authentic.
    3. Don’t work in pixels, work in proportions - % or em.
    4. Consider the fold of your Facebook tab apps ≈ 390px.
    5. Think social, not social media.
    6. Longevity through perpetual-beta.
    7. Find real users and change with them.
    8. Don’t be afraid to break the grid.
    9. Design continually iterates around PCS (Problem, Customer, Solution).
    10. Don’t be afraid to break templates if the UX is improved as a result.
    11. Aesthetic is the sum of cognition (understanding), affect (feeling) and association.
    12. Golden ratio = 1.618.
    13. Use big images.
    14. The real value of team collaboration is distributed emotional ownership.
    15. Build on design rules, don’t let them rule you.
    16. Don’t deliver problems, deliver solutions.
    17. Don’t create new behaviours, make current behaviours easier.